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We assist clients with their corporate insurance needs through alternative risk transfer/risk financing models, as well as, providing facilities for underwriting management agencies and affinity groups. We also provide niche insurance facilities and solutions to conglomerates, multinationals, the mining sector, municipalities, SOE’s, selected Underwriting Management Agencies, and Affinity Groups. The concept enables the client to manage their risk and insurance programs more effectively, thus creating insurance capacity, as well as, creating non-core revenue streams for Affinity markets. 

We are a unique insurance company that provides various types of cell captive insurance products within the insurance market.  Yard Insurance is a small and personal client services company that is flexible and adaptive in its approach to providing superior service to its clientele.   We are made up of a dynamic team in which all are specialists within their respective fields, specifically underwriting claims, intermediary support, compliance governance, and risk management with a focus on the insurance act and solvency capital requirements.  Yard Insurance is an inclusive and beneficial company looking to assist clients where we can with navigating the difficult environment of the cell captive market with ease.  We are able to provide appropriate, affordable, and accessible cell options that are collaborative, cost-effective and that fit the needs of the client.  As Yard Insurance is a fairly new venture with no previous legacy, this allows us to be dynamic and creative in our approach to business without complicating these processes for our business partners.


Yard Insurance is a Level 1 BEE insurance company that is not only focused on providing a high caliber service and product to the insurance market, but also on making a difference in the lives of those who have previously been unable to benefit from most types of insurance processes. We pride ourselves on having an inclusive company culture which we hope to convey this image to our target market.


Yard Insurance Limited is 100% black-owned and managed for South African black economic empowerment (BEE) purposes. By virtue of its 100% black ownership, Yard Insurance Limited is a Level 1 BEE contributor in terms of relevant BEE codes. It will continuously embed in its business and operations the BEE principles relating to human resource development, procurement, management, and other elements. Yard Insurance Limited subscribes to the values and principles which underpin the various black economic empowerment (BEE) laws and sector codes in South Africa. To this end, the principles of the financial services sector BEE charter which was agreed to by all the participants in the financial services sector.